domenica 12 giugno 2016

Carline poses for Orpho

If you love visual arts and culture you know "Frammenti di Cultura", Tony Graffio's information website in italian language. If you read Orpho, Ortodoxia Photographica, the international website about photography and cinematography, you already know in these pages you can find news, reportages, curiosities, interviews, reviews of old cameras, tests  and rare images. 
Only for the real lovers of films, ancient technics and insiders.

Ortodossia Fotografica shopper and Carline the most beautiful and sexy model in the world
Wonderful Carline shows the "Ortodossia Fotografica" shopper, a gadget that Tony Graffio gives for free to the friends who will find him in Milan.

Carline is a brazilian model who loves Tony Graffio's T shirts, shoppers and gadgets and is very happy to pose in this old abandoned silver workshop referred to an old "Frammenti di Cultura" post.

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