sabato 28 maggio 2016

An old Photo Shop in Genoa

The old city centre of Genoa is one of the most beatiful places you can find in Italy, also because is a very lively and colourful area fully populated by all kind of people ready to riot against the injustices of a system that impose always more restrictions to the freedom and to the dignity of the individuals.
Recently, I went to to Genoa to visit a couple of exhibitions of which I wrote on "Frammenti di Cultura"; as usual I took a walk in the Prè discrtict, in spite a few people advised me of the danger of that place. 

Cine Foto Ottica Radio Transistors. An old photogapher closed shop in Genoa

Since the '80s Genova is a city that suffers of the reduction of the exchange of the goods in its harbour; later on also many industries have closed. The overall atmosphere is that of a city in deay because many buildigs were no longer mainteined, but also this environment can be interesting for a pictures hunter.

A photografer shop sign of the '50s in Genoa. Cine Foto Ottica Radio a Transistors

I don't know much of the photographer shop in these images, but I think it could be closed since a long time.
The font of this photo shop is quite rare to find in nowadays. TG

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