lunedì 31 ottobre 2016

Tony Graffio and the "The Lightcatcher"

Tony Graffio is a technical sponsor of "The Lightcatcher"

For almost two years, I document and diffuse indipendently the works of the artists of our time through the pages of
In view of the opening of my blog ortodossiafotografica, I was moved to find photographers whose story deserves to be told and maybe support them technically and economically in their projects.
During summer 2014 I met "The Lightcatcher," I listened to his ideas, and let myself be charmed by his beautiful and courageous project; I understood the difficulties that presented some aspects of his business, so I decided to do something to help him.
From the time, I was also fascinated by the idea of contributing to preserve ancient knowledge of almost lost techniques and  to promote those involved in these projects.
In this way Ortodossia Fotografica and Frammenti di Cultura have born as cultural initiatives with the aim to create objects of technical use which are difficult to find on the market of the new millennium, or totally out of production, elements that can be built only with traditional methods.

I will cover this talk in more detail some other time, for now I wanted to let everyone who follow me to know that in these pages I will evaluate other artists and other ideas to which I could participate with technical sponsorships or in other forms, within the limits of my possibilities.

The Lightcatcher inside his Ural 6X6
Inside a very special vehicle (July 2014)

If you are interested to let me know your projects, you can contact me, as always, to my personal cell phone: 3339955876 or by email to Tony Graffio

The Lightcatcher is sponsored by Tony Graffio

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sabato 1 ottobre 2016

The Bolaskop Benatti Polaroid Prototype n.4

few weeks ago, a friend of mine, knowing my passion for photography, called me telling to have something very interesting to show me.
Alex Gordon is an extravagant person, but he is very honest and sincere, so I really expected to see something very strange and rare... Alex like me lives in Milan and he is a camera operator. He is always very busy, so a morning we met in an ice-cream shop in Bovisa, close to Emma Canepari's Speed Photo Shop and I saw for the first time in my life a Bolaskop.

Alex Gordon
 Alex Gordon and his Bolaskop mounted on a Nikon F3

Bolaskop Polaroid
 The Bolaskop was a prototype able to print big pictures direcly on Polaroid paper through a few prisms. It was made by Benatti, the lens mount wizard of Milano.

Prototype n. 4
 This is the Bolaskop number 4. I doubt there could be more than 5 of these jewels around the world... If you are able to find one, please let me know it.

Alex Gordon's Bolaskop
The Bolaskop mounted on a Nikon F3. I think it was made at least 30 years ago, but it's still like new.
 Sorry for the photographs, they where all made with a mobile phone...