martedì 10 novembre 2015

Classic and rare: Ricoh Marine for Ricoh Auto Half

During the seventies, the photo enthusiasts started to explore the world and the sea. While the Calypso Nikkor, until the  sixties, was nearly the only way to take pictures under the water, later appeared strange cases, or housings, where to place a camera during the underwater shooting.
It was very funny going to the beach bringing along  with you a nice little camera to amuse your friends or your partner with a few photos of the games on the sand, or during the swim. 

A Ricoh Auto-Half inside its plastic Ricoh Marine housing

Operation was very simple, there was just one black lever to actuate the shutter. The cost to purchase the Ricoh Marine was also very honest.
The Ricoh Auto Half is already a camera difficult to find in good condition, to be able to seize the original underwater housing too, is much more problematic, this is why these two objects can stay together in my blog section destined to the classic and rare cameras and accessories. I found them in Milan, the city where I live.  Tony Graffio

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