mercoledì 2 dicembre 2015

Old glorious movie cameras: Cine-Kodak Royal Magazine 16mm

Surprisingly strong and heavy for the actual standards, the Cine-Kodak of 50-65 years ago were well made and quite satisfying for the quality of their images: this model costed 181 USD in 1951.
When I took this camera in my hands I had no idea how long it had been unused; I loaded the spring and tried to make it work, but without success. I thought the film transport mechanism was blocked, but it was sufficient to give a slight start, with a screwdriver, to the shaft of the motor that moves the shutter (through a small hole inside the film chassis) and the energy of the loaded spring has managed to make turn the shutter again and move the dragging claws.

A big charging lever and a big start button contrast to a small viewfinder (with focal lenght adjusting system) and an interchangeble Kodak Cine Ektar 25mm f: 1,9 with small adjustment rings

An universal guide on the door of the camera helps the operator to estimate the exposure

Opening the film chassisis is visible the gear that is engaged in the chassis for the dragging of the film

Single frame release and multiple speed: 16, 24 and 64 frames per second

The hole next to the 16 mm film gate shooting

The internal of the closig cover and the closure hook

Weight and dimensions: Kg 1,2 - mm 46x125x188

The camera works only with a  special Kodak 16mm film magazine cartridge

Cine-Kodak Royal Magazine Camera advertising

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