domenica 24 gennaio 2016

Classic and Rare: Herman Tecnophot (1948)

Italian people has always been xenophile, this is the reason beacause italian firms often change their names to sound more outlandish.
In the '40s the best cameras and optical products were german, so Fototecnica, a company born in Turin after the war signed its cameras Herman.
The model showed in this picture has a Galileian viewfinder, a 24X36 mm format, a Tecnophot central shutter with a charge lever on the lens. Exposure times from 1/25 sec. to 1/250 sec. plus B and T. It has a Koristka Tecnar 5 cm f 3,5 lens.
The camera is strong and has rounded corners, in 1948 it had a reasonable price, but now it became quite a rare object. You could buy one from a collector for  200 - 250 euros, or even more. TG

Herman Tecnophot Company Torino

Herman B.R.T. N° 09457

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