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51st Edition of the Castel San Giovanni photographic antiquity and second-hand field

Yesterday, I went back to Val Tidone to see to find new curiousities and interesting people to present in these pages.
As usual, I got up early to be on the place as soon as the doors of the market were open.

 Choosing the right bargain

Filotecnica Milano 8X30, around 1940, serial abraded

After seeing the interest they have aroused, in my last article among the binoculars collector, I thought to resubmit also this time to your attention some rare pieces for the connoisseurs. The Filotecnica of Milan had binoculars as military ordinance of the Italian Royal Army, those who appropriated these tools took care to erase the serial number not to be traced back as those who had stolen them.
Despite not having the quality and value of a San Giorgio (valued also 800 euros), we are still facing with a piece of value that costs more than 300 euros.

1905, the Dialyt, were the first binoculars to use roof prism

A detail of the Dialyt

Two new front mattes of  a Rolleiflex 3,5 F 1st type and of a Rolleiflex 3,5 E 3rd type

Some far-sighted traders have already bought some of these new parts of the rarer models of Rolleiflex, they replaced them and magically the value of their old and worn cameras has skyrocketed giving belief to those who bought them to have in their hands the pieces of great value.
Indeed, if the cameras have also been revised to perfection, you can dispose of old cameras in very good condition that can last for a very long time.

 Leitz Cutter for 35mm film complete of shaping folding knife and bag for it

A time films that were inserted into the old Leica screw mount were trimmed to have the certainty of being able to not clog the loading mechanisms.
I do not know how many photographers actually do this operation. Probably, this manual cutting was quite recommended, especially for those using remains of cinematographic film; of course I find the Leitz cutter an accessory already quite rare to see.
Finding this piece in new conditions, must mbe a nice surrise to the collector who needs it for his pre war Leicas.

A sympathetic character well known by everybody: Arturo Rebora, 76 y.o., retired precision mechanic

Among many beautiful things are hidden cameras little known that attract the attention of any kind of passionate

Ricoh Auto Half, an automatic selenium's cell film spring wound. Half means half format: 18X24 mm (70 euros)

Matteo Capaia

Matteo Capaia, from Genoa, came to the market organized by the Photo 90s associacion hoping to find some old accessory, camera or anything that might be useful for its activities of photographer who engages with collodion. In this photograph, he is holding one of its "Half plate".

A curious shot in wet collodion from Matteo Capaia

The old gear sometimes is side by side of the last digital equipment

Behind every cabinet, having the patience to look well, you can see a rare camera, something hard to find, and why not, a chance to take home a good piece for a fair price. This Canon 7 rangefinder it was offered to me by a friend at an affordable price, only for the day of the fair. Knowing that if I had bought this Canon then probably I would have been in search of the legendary Canon 50mm f 0.95, I decided to keep going and pretend nothing happened. Tony Graffio

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