sabato 9 maggio 2015

Back to the film

Jessica is a true lover of photography, she tatooed by herself a slr camera on her right arm, because this is the shortest way to her heart.
Just, it's not possible to understand if this camera is a digital slr, or a analogic slr, but probably this is a lucky point for this young photographer. When you change boyfriend and you have his name on your skin you can only do 2 things: erase the tatoo from your body, or find a man with the same name of the prevoius one.

Straight to the heart

Our friend Jessica has been very provident not to specify the make, the model, or any other information on her tatoo, because after a few years, her activity was carried on with a digital reflex, she recently had, as a present from a boy friend, a Minolta XD7 that she is very happy.
She started to make a revision to the seals and other parts those required maintenance after years of unused, then Jessica bought a nice wide angle and now she is ready to take her first black and white shots on film.
In these days, many digital natives are retracing the road of the chemical photography for many different reason; at first becase everybody is really interested in photography cannot evoid to know the technique and the results that this kind of image is able to give to a photographer/artist. Another reason is that sometimes can be more complicate and tricky to obtain a certain effect from a digital file than from a film, but still there are a lots of good points to chose the film, if you wish to distinguish your final result from a mass product. T.G.

Jessica Moscaritolo 23 y.o. photographer

<I can think of "scenes" with special settings according to my mood of that time, and I find the girls at random, or friends who usually know little or who have just met and I ask if they want to pose for me. In fact it is as if I used them, because I feel that I live and I feel that I represent photographing other people. Now I want to try to do all this in analog photography and see what happens>. Jessica Moscaritolo

From an artistic project of J. M. entitled: They controle your brain
This picture was taken in the ex asylum of Mombello (Milan), it was the biggest mental hospital in Europe

From an artistic project of J. M. entitled: Autumn according C.

From an artistic project of J. M.  entitled: Ghosts
This picture was taken in Consonno, a ghost luna park not too far from Lecco

From an artistic project of J. M. entitled: Lost in my world

From an artistic project of J. M. entitled: Wonderland & Alternative Alice

Just out of the camera repair shop, first day with a Minolta XD7. Ready for new adventures with a B/W film.

<Honestly, I enrolled at the course of photography at the Accademia di Brera to find my way (that I'm still looking) and a photographic style that it suited me>. Jessica Moscaritolo

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